Thursday, July 14th 2022: Castle tour

Castle Tour_14_7
left: Hambach Castle; right: Trifels Castle

The Palatinate (Pfalz) is home to many castles, which are meaningful to German/European history. During our Castle tour, we are visiting two of these castles, which are Hambach Castle and Trifels Castle.
Located on a hill next to vineyards, Hambach Castle is known as the cradle of German democracy. As such, it holds the European Heritage Label, which is why we are going to start our Castle tour there. After some leisure time in “Neustadt an der Weinstraße”, we will make our way to Trifels Castle with 20 minutes’ walk to the top of the hill. We are going to take a tour of the castle to learn about its history. Trifels Castle was not only a valuable center of power, but also served as a prison for some important people, the most famous was the English King Richard the Lionheart. The castle is located on a mountain and it offers a beautiful view over the landscapes of Palatinate.




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